Natural Black garlic extract

Natural Black garlic extract

Black garlic extract is a pure natural health food adopting international leading special biological fermentation, screening high quality garlic carefully, fermenting spontaneously after 60-90 days, soft and slippery, sweet and sour taste, black-jelly shape. In garlic fermentation process, the protein breaks down into amino acids, carbohydrates, especially allicin breaks into the odorless, low irritating and deoxidizing alliin, so the garlic become black one.
Functions :
1.Its antioxidation capability is significantly increased, 10 times jigher than that of raw garlic, while the essential effectiveness of garlic is not reduced. Some fpreign data indicate that there is a significant antioxidant activity of aged garlic extract on siskle red blood cells by reducing the Heinz body count;
2.Sarylcysteine that does not exist in raw garlic is generated, which is effective for preventing cancers, inhibiting cholesterol. improving arterial sclerosis, preventing heart disease and alzheimers disease;
3.The content of polyphenol is significantly increased, which is effective for inhibiting oxidation of cholesterol, inhibiting generation of active oxygen and preventing arterial sclerosis
Applications :
1.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is mainly used in treating eumycete and bacterial infection,gastroenteritis and Cardiovascular Disease.Applied in health product field, it is usually made into capsule to lower blood pressure and blood-fat and delay senility.Applied in food field,used for natural flavour enhancer and widely used in biscuit, bread, meat products and etc.
2.Applied in feed additive field, it is mainly used in feed additive for developing the poultry, livestock and fishes against the disease and promoting growning and improving the flavor of egg and meat.
3.Applied in veterinary field, it is mainly used to inhibit the reproduction of colon bacillus, salmonella and etc. treat respiratory infection and disease of digestive tract of poultry and livestock.


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