Calcium Gluconate


Calcium Gluconate

Molecular Formula: C12H22CaO14 Anhydrous C12H22CaO14·2H2O Dihydrate

Molecular Weight: 430.38 Anhydrous 448.39 Monohydrate

CAS No.: 18016-24-5 Dihydrate 299-28-5 Monohydrate

Specification: USP/FCC/BP grade

Characters: Occurs as white, crystalline granules or powder. It is anhydrous or contains one molecule of water of hydration. It is stable in air. One gram dissolves slowly in about 30 mL of water at 25 0 and in about 5mL of boiling water. It is in soluble in alcohol and in many other organic solvents. Its solutions are neutral to litmus.

Application: Nutrient, Firming agent, Stabilizer, Texturizer

The product is an effective and non-toxic calcium supply nutrition. It's nutrient and helpful to the bone formation and maintenance of normal excitability of nerve and muscle, to be used in Calcium supplement for Calcium deficiency of children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the aged. Calcium nutrition enhancer: used in grain products and beverages.

Package: Fiber drum or all paper drum or kraft paper bag, 25Kg net each

Storage: Stored in well-closed containers in a dry place at room temperature

Transportation: Handle with care in order to avoid damaging the package, protect them from sunshine or rain.


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