Wear-Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tube

Wear-Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tube

Wear Resistant Solutions

alumina ceramic tube,alumina tube

Abrasion resistant ceramic lining tubes mainly include elbows, straight pipes, tees, reducer pipes, etc, and they are used for ceramic lined pipework and fittings of pneumatic conveying and slurry pumping. Compared with alumina tiles,the service life of alumina tube is much longer. The conveying medium is featured by high hardness, fast and big flow, alumina ceramic rings can effectively reduce the speed of wearing through by continuous impact, abrasion and corrosion to pipe wall when long-term conveying medium.

Wear is fast when the piping conveying pointed materials(ash, coal powder, mine flavor powder, tailing, cement etc), especially for elbow. Pipeline corroded will be quickly worn out when conveying gas, fluid and solid materials of intensive corrosion. The cost on service life of equipment is more and more higher for reducing maintainance frequency and increasing profits, especially for the abrasion of cyclone, elbow, pipeline etc.

Shaping method:Isostatic pressing

Tech data:




















Pipe linings of alumina ceramic cylinders have the following advantages:


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