Impact Crusher

The Application and Usage of Impact Crusher:

Impact crusher is suitable for materials whose compressive strength is under 350Mpa, and particle size is less than 500mm.Impact crusher is widely used for sand and rock producing in the industries of roads, railways, reservoir, electricity power and building materials and so on.

The Advantages and Benefits ofimpact crusher china:

1. Impact crusher is with unique simple structure, keyless connection.2. Impact crusher is with high-chromium plating hammer and special impact liner plate.3. Impact crusher is capable of highly efficient hard rock crushing while saving energy.4. The final product of impact crusher is cubic, and the discharge grain size is adjustable to simplify the crushing circuit.5. Easy maintenance, reliable performance.

Technical Parameterof Impact Crusher:














4P 37-45








4P 45-66








6P 110








6P 132








6P 200








6P 250








4P 315-400








6P 630-710



The impact crusher is widely used in various kinds of hard and brittle materials such as rock, abrasive, refractory, cement clinker, quartz stone, iron ore, concrete aggregate and others. It is especially suitable for building the architecture with sand or building the road with sand stone. The impact crusher has a simple structure, low price, smooth operation, high efficiency and energy saving. The impeller and the material in the vortex broken chamber greatly reduced the cost of the wear-out parts and the maintenance work. The impact crusher effectively solved the "iron pollution" in the crushing process of glass and other materials. It also solve the "card" problem in the process of the crushing of steel slag. The ingenious internal airflow’s self circulation eliminates the dust dispersion.

The Factors Which Affect The Production CapacityGenerally speaking, there are many factors affecting the production capacity of the impact crusher. All in all, there are 5 factors. As following, the GUIKUANG machinery will describe these 5 factors and put forward the corresponding solutions.

1. The hardness of the material: the harder, the more difficult to break up the material and the more serious to wear the equipment. It will slower the speed and lower the ability. So we need to pay attention to the selection of materials.

2. The composition of the material: before entering the impact crusher, the more fine powder contained in the material, the more crushing. Because the fine powder is easy to adhere to the influence of transportation, the material with fine powder content should be screened in advance. That action will make the fine powder selected out from the material as much as possible so as to avoid the normal work of the impact crusher.

3. The fineness of the material after crushing process of the impact crusher: the higher standard of the fineness, the smaller the material which is required to be crushed. That is to say, the weaker the crushing capacity. In this aspect, it all depends. There are no special requirements. Generally, we set the fineness of the material to medium and fine.

4.The viscosity of the material: the stronger the viscosity of the material, the easier to adhere. We can see that the material with large viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of the crushing chamber in the GUIKUANG impact crusher. If we don’t clean it in time, it will affect the working efficiency of the crusher, and may also affect the normal work. Therefore, when choosing materials, we must pay attention to the viscosity of materials to ensure the viscosity is not too strong.

5. The humidity of the material: when the water content accounts large proportion in the material, the material is easy to adhere to the impact crusher, and it is easy to cause the clogging in the process of feeding the material. It will result in the reduction of the crushing capacity. To solve this problem, the humidity of the material should be strictly controlled when we choose the material. If the humidity of the selected material is too high, we can choose some way to reduce the percentage of it in the material by sunshine or air drying.

6. The convenient maintenance of the impact crusherThe main problem which many customers are concerned about is the maintenance. GUIKUANG machinery manufacturers pay special attention to this kind of problem in the production of impact crusher. The impact crusher designed by us is mainly composed of the feeding port, the feeder, the overflow, the impeller, the crushing chamber, the counter attack board, the spindle, the frame, the motor and so on. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure and stable operation. If there is a failure in the operation, the customer can open the observation door to view the internal condition of the equipment and adjust the equipment parts. The technical personnel of our company will teach the customer the basic operation and maintenance skills.If there is a problem that you can't solve, welcome to call our company's after sale tele. Because our factory equipment is lifelong warranty, we are very glad to serve you.

The operational principles of impact crusher

The materials are entered into an impact crusher by the feed hopper, and then they will be divided into two parts by the feeder. One part is entered into a high-speed rotating impeller from the middle of the feeder. The acceleration speed in the impeller can reach hundreds of times the acceleration of gravity, and then it is ejected from the three uniform flow passages at 60-70 meters per second. Firstly, a part of the material that falls from the feeder will be hit and broken, and then it impact on the material lining layer of the vortex branch together, bouncing off the material liner, impacting to the top slant of the vortex cavity, and changing its direction of motion, deflecting downward movement, and forming a continuous material curtain from impeller channel. Such a material is subjected to two or even multiple probability impact, attrition, grinding and crushing in the whirling cavity. The broken material is discharged from the lower discharge gate. The closed loop system is formed with the circular screening system and it. Generally, the material can be broken into 20 parts in three times cycles. During the whole process of crushing, the materials impact and break with each other. They won’t directly contact with the metal element. However, they will impact, rub and break with the material liner, which will reduce the pollution and prolong the wear time of the machine. The vortex flow the whirling chamber eliminates the dust pollution. The ingenious internal airflow’s self circulation inside the vortex flow eliminates the dust dispersion.


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