SAA Chemicals Import and Export Ltd


SAA Chemicals Import and Export Ltd



SAA chemicals specializes in chemical products’ import and export, the business has covered dozens of major countries and regions around the world. SAA has won the trust from customers with its stable product quality, reasonable prices, excellent service and flexible mode of operation, while its turnover is growing steadily year by year.


In the course of operation, SAA chemicals has established long-term and stable business relationships with many reliable chemical manufacturers in China by its continuous accumulation and improvement. So we can meet the products requirements of all kinds of international buyers.


SAA chemicals’ business is widely involved in Feed & Food Additives, APIs & Intermediates, Natural Extracts,  Pesticides, Dyes, rubber, plastic and any other fields.


We hope to win your affirmation and appreciation through our high quality products, competitive prices, and our excellent services. If you are interested in our products and services, welcome to contact us.


氯化胆碱 Other vitamins feed additives Vitamin A palmitate79-81-2, Vitamin A acetate127-47-9, Thiamine hydrochloride67-03-8, Riboflavin83-88-5, Calcium pant...
L-赖氨酸 Other Amino acids feed additives DL-methionine59-51-8, DL-methionine hydroxy analogue(MHA)583-91-5, DL-methionine hydroxy analogue calcium(MHA-Ca)4...
磷酸氢钙 Other Mineral elements feed additives Ferrous sulphate 7782-63-0, Copper sulphate 7758-99-8, Zinc sulphate 7446-20-0, Zinc Oxide1314-13-2, Manganes...
柠檬酸 Other food additives Sodium benzoate 532-32-1, Potassium sorbate 590-00-1, Saccharin Sodiuma 128-44-9, Saccharin 81-07-2, Sorbitolum 50-70-4, Xylit...
三氯蔗糖 Sucralose is a non-caloric, high-intensity sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sucrose. Sucralose retains its sweetness over a wide range of t...