New Polaris Development Limited


New Polaris Development Limited



New Polaris Development Limited was founded in 1984. Over two decades, the company has dedicated themselves to the design and fabrication of the highest quality wire screens and wire cloth.

Our main products include heavy woven screens for mining, self-cleaning screens, wedge wire screesn, stainless steel wire cloth and wire mesh products.Over more than 20 years of its existence, the company and its employees have accumulated unparalleled experience in the weaving and fabricating of screen products.


Our main aim is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing superior quality products at reasonable prices. With combination of fair business principles, efficient service and solid products, we expect a successful and growth oriented future. We have a strong technical support, a knowledgeable staff, advanced production equipment enabling us to produce high quality products. We use meticulous quality control procedures and analysis in order to ensure our products meet the international standards. Our competitive prices, on-time delivery and quality guarantee makes us our customer's best choice.


Woven Screening Mesh
Woven Screening Mesh To manufacture superior quality screening mesh, the raw material is the foundation.We use GB 65Mn high tensile spring steel as the material, of whi...
Woven Screening Mesh
Woven Screening Mesh Stainless steel mesh is a woven fabric that is normally made from T304 or T316 type stainless steel wire. Given its strength and robust q...
Reinforcing Mesh
Reinforcing Mesh Reinforcement mesh is a welded wire fabric, prefabricated steel reinforcement material. It has a rectangular or square reinforcement mesh grid...
Fences Wire mesh fence is also known as safety mesh fence, wire mesh grating, galvanized fence, fencing panel and son on. Material: Low carbon steel ...
Gabion Baskets
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