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Sun's Gas Lighter Industrial Co., Ltd.



Our factory was established in 1995 for the purposes of producing and exporting lighters of excellent quality, and satisfying every customer. Depending on more than 10 years' experience, the most advanced injection molding machines and the most precise plastic mold, we make the exquisite bodies. And with the integrated lines, products come into being. Products receive a series of strict inspection before flowing into the market. In this case, we can ensure that our products have high quality. Moreover, we can also guarantee the price be competitive and delivery date be exact. With these advantages , our products sell well all over the world. In Europe, Korea, South America, Mid-East and so on, you can find the tracks of our products. During these years, every stall of our factory deeply believes that the most importances to keep our customers are prestige and quality, thus we always keep them at our utmost efforts. Furthermore we are contented with what we have achieved .In the future we would do better and hope that you can share more substantial achievements with all our customers. what kind of lighter do you prefer? Flint or electric? Disposable for refillable? Windproof or with LED? would you please give us more of your purchasing plan? then we can recommend you some good models for you.


打火机 我公司是一家专业从事各种打火机的生产和销售的厂家,专业销售各种砂轮打火机和电子打火机,可以代客丝印客人标志等。一直以来,我们针对市场的变化和需求,不断进行技术改造和设备更新,使企业具备了相当的生产规模和技术开发水平,依靠科技和服务,不断成长壮大。 我们生产的各种类型打火机产品:一次性砂轮机,...