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Wishful optical mainly produce:optical resin lenses and mineral glass lens, optical frames.All the products are for the export to overseas market in the world, such as North America,South America,Europe,Middle east and Asia,Africa,etc. Optical lenses including: various resin lenses and mineral lenses,finished(semi-finished)lenses,normal stock power lenses,RX power lenses. Optical frames including: TR90 optical frame, metal optical frame. In order to be the top producer in optical industry and develop relationship with new clients,we will promote our manufacture to overseas base on the most favourable price. Our company rewarded ISO9001:2008 International qualitycertificate system,all products following the nationaI standard:GB 10810—1996,industry standard QB2506-2001,registered FDA number and got CE certificate. Welcome all clients communicate and cooperate with us


Titanium Frames 5122
Titanium Frames 5122 5122,Titanium Frames
Titanium Frames 2051 Purple
Titanium Frames 2051 Purple 2051 Purple,Titanium Frames
Titanium Frames 2051 Blue
Titanium Frames 2051 Blue 2051 Blue,Titanium Frames
Titanium Frames 1906
Titanium Frames 1906 1906,Titanium Frames
Metal Frames S112
Metal Frames S112 S112,Metal Frames
Metal Frames R1948
Metal Frames R1948 R1948,Metal Frames
Metal Frames R1890
Metal Frames R1890 R1890,Metal Frames
Metal Frames HY014
Metal Frames HY014 HY014,Metal Frames
Metal Frames HY010
Metal Frames HY010 HY010,Blue Light Blocker Lens
Metal Frames HY004
Metal Frames HY004 HY004,Metal Frames
Metal Frames HY002
Metal Frames HY002 HY002,Metal Frames
Metal Frames HY001-2
Metal Frames HY001-2 HY001-2,Metal Frames
Metal Frames HY001-1
Metal Frames HY001-1 HY001-1,Metal Frames
Metal Frames H6684
Metal Frames H6684 H6684,Metal Frames
Metal Frames H6105
Metal Frames H6105 H6105,Metal Frames
Metal Frames H6092
Metal Frames H6092 H6092,Metal Frames
Metal Frames H6063
Metal Frames H6063 H6063,Metal Frames
Metal Frames H6008
Metal Frames H6008 H6008,Metal Frames
Metal Frames H6002
Metal Frames H6002 H6002,Metal Frames
Plastic Frames H1844
Plastic Frames H1844 H1844,Plastic Frames
Plastic Frames H1842
Plastic Frames H1842 H1842,Plastic Frames
Plastic Frames H1841
Plastic Frames H1841 H1841,Blue Light Blocker Lens
Plastic Frames H1840
Plastic Frames H1840 H1840,Plastic Frames
Plastic Frames H1830
Plastic Frames H1830 H1830,Plastic Frames
Plastic Frames 9041
Plastic Frames 9041 9041,Plastic Frames
Plastic Frames 9039
Plastic Frames 9039 9039,Plastic Frames