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Set up in 1996, Sorbead India is today one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of Desiccants and Adsorbents in the country. Our wide range of products, i.e. Silica Gel, Molecular Sieves, Activated Alumina Balls, Oxygen Absorbents, Pharmaceutical desiccants, Aluminium Oxide, Silica Gel Powder, Chromatography Adsorbents, LDPE bags, Silica Gel Sachets,and Laminated Tubes as well as Aluminum tubes are in high demand across industries.


Aluminum oxide (Al2O3)
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) In column chromatography, silica gel (‎SiO2) and Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) are 2 most powerful adsorbent desiccants which are used for an effectiv...
Silica gel Grades and Adsorbents
Silica gel Grades and Adsorbents Buy various silica gel grades & different adsorbents to meets all techniques of chromatography including thin layer, flash and column chromatog...