Hangzhou Xiaoshan Yiqiao Woodenware Building Material Factory


Hangzhou Xiaoshan Yiqiao Woodenware Building Material Factory



Hangzhou Xiaoshan Yiqiao Woodenware Building Material Factory was founded in 1985,Website:http://www.chinaformworkplywoods.com, covers an area of 20 mu, building professional plywood production, annual output of more than 20zhang. Since the beginning of 2003 exports to Australia, after rigorous testing and high standards of Australian template certification company BSI certification, has a good reputationat present in the Australian market, and occupied a certain market capacity. More than thirty years, the company product quality and stability, there is a steady increase in production. Continuous innovation, try the strategy of sustainable development, and strive to develop patent technology, the implementation of green environmental protection strategy(detected by authoritative organizations, products close to zero formaldehyde, to reach thelevel of super E0 grade), also began to increase brand awareness, brand development strategy, 2011 began to become the city of Hangzhou agricultural leading enterprise, the company built a laboratory, regularly the performance test of products, to ensure compliance with the Australian F17 quality standard. Companies follow the "diligence, diligence, innovation, win-win" spirit of enterprise culture,adhere to the "first-class management, first-class products, into the international market"strategic development goals, adhere to scientific development, and constantly go beyond the self, to create international scientific and technological innovation oriented enterprises.


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