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GK International Enterprise Co.,Ltd.



GK International Enterprise Co.,Ltd. is a global supply and sourcing, as well as international tendering company, providing sourcing, bidding and supplying of products, consumable and spares to clients worldwide. It was reformed to a private company(fully employees owned) from a provincial government owned in the year 2007. 

While sourcing, exporting and importing various products,its core business is to engage in supplying all kinds of products at competitives price to the customers all over the world. Cooperating with more than 20 factories, and also joint venture with several of them, we can provide a wide range of products. In fact, our main series now include selective solar coating,water pump,water turbine generator set,metal materials and wear product.Moreover, besides standard products, we also provide an extensive range of customization services in order to cater for your special orders. With more than 20 years' experience in international operation practice, we export these items to West Europe, East Europe, North America, South America, South Asia, etc. and enjoy a good reputation among clients. 

We have a conscientious and professional working team to make sure the first response to each inquiry and continuous follow-up. We can always provide an appealing price based on quality as well as execute an efficient and accurate customized demand. We take pride in superior customer service, on-time delivery and competitively-priced products. 

Our sales people are trained to treat customers with utmost respect and to create a warm and healthy environment where you feel comfortable and welcomed. 

Our hope is not to sell you a product but to help you find the a solution that fits your specific budget and needs. | 

We believe that word of mouth is the our strongest source of advertising . One satisfied customer opens the door to many more.We want your business for the long term. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. If you are interested in our products, any inquiry at any time will be highly welcomed and taken good care of.


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