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Our factory specialized in kinds of  hose,V-belt, timing belt and conveyor belt  with good price and  high quilty . The belts are specially designed for exceptional wear resistance
 and high tensile strength.Their quality meets the requests of the most strict markets.What's more,we also can offer competitive price! Free samples can be provided.
We do rubber vbelt and rubber hose as your sample or the size you sent to us.Also we provide OEM and ODM service.
And kinds of  rubber hoses
TIMING BELT: MXL;XL;L;H;XH;XXH;3M/S3M;5M/S5M;8M/S8M;14M/S14M;T2.5;T5;T10;T20
WEDGE V BELTS:                 SPZ, SPA,SPB,SPC , 3V, 5V, 8V   XPZ,XPA,XPB,XPC  3VX,5VX,8VX  
BANDED V-BELTS:               AJ, BJ, CJ,DJ, 3VJ, 5VJ,8VJ, SPBJ, SPCJ
POLY V-BELT:                PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM


三角带 classical-section V带专业的质量和可靠性!-最佳性能价格比-长寿命-最新的高品质材料-精确制造的计算机驱动的机器-现代生产工艺技术- L = L系统(从1000毫米开始)
agricultural machinery v-belt
agricultural machinery v-belt Agricultural machinery v-belt is a v-belt group composed of several same same v-belt,stable transmission, suitable for large-scale combine harvester
空气软管 Application  This hose is for carrying compressed air and inert gas for mines, factories and civil engineering. Characteristic It is light and...
V Belts For Sal IS4184, DIN2215 BS3790 Banded Wrapped V-Belts
V Belts For Sal IS4184, DIN2215 BS3790 Banded Wrapped V-Belts Banded Wrapped V-Belts  is a v-belt group composed of several same classical v-belt or several same v-belt.They effectively solve problems suc...
DIN2215 BS3790 Wrapped V-Belts - Garden Technic
DIN2215 BS3790 Wrapped V-Belts - Garden Technic WRAPPED V-BELTS - GARDEN TECHNIC Professional Belts for Garden Technic - Trouble free and Powerful Mowing! - Excellent performance/price ratio - Ar...
poly vbelt
poly vbelt AUTOMOTIVE MULTIPLE V-RIBBED BELTS Multiple V-Ribbed Belts for Cars - Maximum Power and Life! - Extra Long life - Minimal elongation - Suitable for...