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"specializing in producing all kinds of marine hatch rubber seal, rubber fender, PVC plastic doors, windows rubber sealing strip and rubber products, widely used in ships, docks, cars, water supporting bridges, steel doors and other engineering facilities. Our product’s quality has been approved by China Classification Society inspection, got certification of ISO9001 international quality system, also got certification of CCS ,GL, BV, DNV, ABS. Because of this, our products are sold all over the world with high reputation.

After rapid development, a mature and advanced quality control system has been established in aspects of designing, techniques, fieldwork manufacturing, and after sale service, and built the trust with our clients in Asia, Europe, even the worldwide.



DO Type Rubber Fender
DO Type Rubber Fender The DO rubber fender is an important member of our marine system, and it is also the interested product of our clients, all these years, we have ex...
D Type Rubber Fender
D Type Rubber Fender The D fender is one of the most commonly used fenders on the market. It is suitable for wharf and ship side. We improved on the previous generation...
Cone Type Rubber Fender
Cone Type Rubber Fender Our new product design from the beginning to now has gone through three generations of development, we in the design and development process of the...
PU Rubber fender
PU Rubber fender PU fender is the latest results of our research, as the equipment of luxury yacht, we use the most advanced manufacturing process, the quality of p...
W Type Rubber Fender
W Type Rubber Fender W fender is one of the most effective products at present. This particular design guarantees greater contact area and smaller surface pressure. At ...