NJK Motor Vehicle Fittings(Shanghai)Co.,ltd.


NJK Motor Vehicle Fittings(Shanghai)Co.,ltd.



"NJK Motor Vehicle Fittings(Shanghai)Co.,ltd was set up in 1995.Our Registered capital is $USD 4.4 million,we have 550 people and our factory area is 36600㎡. We produce OEM and ODM on Oil Seal,O-ring,V-ring,Rubber Gasket,Rubber Gaskets,Tensioner and all kinds of rubber products,used in automobile,motorcycle,ship and marine equipment,

Industrial machinery, agricultural machinery,sports machinery;We applied ISO9001:2000 international quality control system certification and certified,obtained the certificate of TS16949 and implemented KPI programs.Our sales Region include China,USA,Europe,Japan,South East Asia and other regions. "


China Axle Oil Seal
China Axle Oil Seal NJK Motor Vehicle Fittings(Shanghai)Co.,ltd is a famousChina Axle Oil Seal SuppliersandAxle Oil Seal Manufacturers,our company was set up in 1995.O...