GS-JJ e-commerce website is our latest venture in our effort to offer our quality products and service directly to Designer and end users.

Our products including : Custom Embroidered Patches,Custom Iron on Patches, Biker Patches, Military Patches and a large amount of custom patches.


Standout Powerling Woven Patches
Standout Powerling Woven Patches Size of the Standout Powerling Woven Patches is 3.5 inches in diameter. There is an orange hexagram in the centre of it, with several triangles bes...
Green Monster Custom Made Custom
Green Monster Custom Made Custom Remember this line from monster hunter, if it is a monster with a human appearance, then I am a human with a monster appearance.OurGreen Monster Cu...
Rabbit Make Custom Patches
Rabbit Make Custom Patches Rabbit belongs to one of the most cute animal in the world. Many animation will take rabbit as the main role, because the imagination of rabbit is ...