Prettech Machinery making Co., Ltd.


Prettech Machinery making Co., Ltd.



Prettech was established in 1971, focus on providing stainless steel vessel
for Food Liquid industry, widely used in brewing, winery, Dairy, agriculture
product processing, Beverage, pharmaceutical, bio-engineering and so
Our stainless steel tank have been exported to more than 20 countries,
include US, Canada, Brazil, Chile, France, Italy, UK, Germany, Australia,
Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and New
The total assets of the company are USD25Million, covering an area of 29
Hectare. It has five branches with a total staff of 4500, of which 75 are
scientific researchers. The design institutes and universities have hired
authoritative personages in the industry for technical guidance and
information exchange all the year round. Technological development and
innovation have always maintained the leading level in the same industry.
In order to build the largest and most advanced stainless steel processing
base in the same industry in China, we adopt international advanced
tank-making equipment, such as CNC cutting machine, CNC welding
machine, laser cutting machine/welding machine, automatic welding
machine, welding robot, X-RAY testing equipment.
Prettech Company is the drafting and formulating unit of the national
industry《Stainless Steel Sheet Container for Foodstuff Industry》,
《jacket Kettle》 and 《Sanitary Stainless Steel Tank for Storage and
Transport》. It participated in the formulation of two national standards,
namely,《 General Specification for Light Industrial Machinery》 and
《Security and Sanitary standard for Dairy Equipment》. It has more than
20 national patents, leading and promote the development of China\'s
stainless steel thin-walled container industry. The company has passed
the ISO 9001 management system certification, and can design and
manufacture stainless steel containers in strict accordance with API 650
and PED standards.


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