We are professional in making 3 types of custom patches, such as embroidered patches, woven patches and printed patches. As you know, we have much more than 20 years experience in custom patches industry.


Yellow Star Cool Patches
Yellow Star Cool Patches The classic color of stars is yellow. Although real stars are white to our eyes, we are used to using yellow as the color of stars. The yellow colo...
Basketball Cool Patches
Basketball Cool Patches As a kind of whole-body exercise, basketball has the following significant exercise value: First, it helps to cultivate the spirit of collectivism ...
The Pattern Printed Patches No Minimum
The Pattern Printed Patches No Minimum As we all know, every country has its unique pattern to symbolize its national identity. This is a kind of spiritual belief, and the words or shape...
Bee Make Patches At Home
Bee Make Patches At Home Bee is a flying social insect, 8-20 mm long, brown or black-brown, body with thick hair; The head is almost as wide as the chest; Two pairs of wing...