BSDLab Cells Limited


BSDLab Cells Limited



BSDLab cells Limited is quartz cuvettes and glass cuvettes manufacturer. We had made more than 500 model of cells or cuvettes.

BSDLab cells offer a full line of quartz cells and glass cells/cuvettes for use in UV/Visible spectrophotometers and fluorometers, as well as our line of IR cells.

We are your complete source for cuvettes or cells in the fields of spectroscopy, spectrophotometry and Fluorometer as well as other laboratory needs within the chemical and analytical fields.

We are your cost-effective option against other companies like Starna, Spectrocell or Hellma. We understand your need of high quality supplies for your laboratory and that laboratories are in a budget, so we provide you quality products at a price you can afford.

Remember that always offer you the best prices for all our cuvette/cell, just ask!. Our client can enjoy discounted pricing and other exclusive benefits.


Standard fluorometer cells with lid (Body Height=45mm).
Standard fluorometer cells with lid (Body Height=45mm). BSDLab fluorometer cells with lid (Body Height=45mm), quartz cuvette or glass cuvetteavailable BSDLab Fluorometer cell with lid's Specification ...
Spectrophotometer cuvette with lid
Spectrophotometer cuvette with lid Spectrophotometer rectangular cell with lid, BSDLab Macro cells with ptfe lid, Absorption Cells, two windows polished BSDLab Cuvette Specification...