Hangzhou Kaili Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.


Hangzhou Kaili Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.



Hangzhou Kelly Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is located in Jingjiang Industrial Park. South of the Qiantang River, 2 kilometers from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and close to Ningbo Port and Shanghai Airport. Strategic location and convenient transportation. The polyester dope dyed yarns suppliers company was founded in October 2002 with a registered capital of 40 million yuan. We produce more than 30,000 tons of various black, white and color-spun polyester yarns (POY, FDY, DTY, embroidery threads and carpet yarns) every year. There are more than 200 employees. A variety of 50-600D POY, FDY, DTY polyester yarns with a production capacity of more than 120 tons are sold overseas and are well received by customers at home and abroad.


polyester yarn
polyester yarn 1: 50D-600D color yarn 2: semi-light / with light 3: MOQ: 3000kgs / color 4: Capacity: 1000 tons / month 5: Grade: A / AA 6: Packaging: 4-6kgs...