Cardan shaft manufacturer


Cardan shaft manufacturer



We are now mainly engaged in manufacturing all kinds of Cardan Shafts, such asHeavy Duty Cardan shaft,Industrial Cardan shaft,Flange Cardan shaft, Universal joint shaft, and Drum Gear Couplings, they are widely used in Rolling mill, Pump machine, Crane system, Textile machine, Mining machinery, Rubber machinery, Cement industry, and other industrial machinery.


Germany Cardan Shaft
Germany Cardan Shaft 这些高性能的德国万向轴具有结构紧凑的特点,可确保最大的扭矩传递能力,大大提高了使用寿命,并简化了组装和维护操作。它们用于起重机系统,物料搬运以及铁路和船舶应用。   德国Cardan竖井系列是现有产品创新的自然演变,具有新的功能和优势,可为水泥行业的客户提供显着的优势。     Jiangs...
Gewes Cardan Shaft
Gewes Cardan Shaft Gewes cardan shaft is of high quality, low maintenance, long service life and reliable, they can meet the specific needs of nearly any industrial a...