Belchem Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Belchem Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd.



We at Belchem believe in putting the needs and requirements of our customers before our own. The customer-centric attitude and impeccable after-sales services come naturally to us since it is hardwired in the core business policy of our firm. It is one of the many reasons why we were successful in gaining a lot of grounds in terms of popularity in a short span of time. We are manufacturers and distributors of high-quality, popular active ingredients that staple for the personal care and grooming industry


Special Chemical Used in Antiseptic Products
Special Chemical Used in Antiseptic Products Octenidine Dihydrochloride is a energetic surfactant that's cationic in nature. Octenidine includes a Gemini surfactant architecture and is a deriv...