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When night comes, all becomes mysterious. When lights begin to flicker, then the night becomes peaceful and beautiful. While the lights freely controlled in our hands, either bright or dark, on or off, everything becomes so dreamy and magical.

MerrySun has developed dimmers with different schemes, such as PWM dimmer, 1-10V dimmer and Dali dimmer. Especially after launching smart dimmers, users can control the dimmer with terminal smart devices, and can also connect with GOOGLE HOME and YAMAZON ALEXA for voice control. Those smart dimmers are widely used in hotels, homes, offices and other places. At the same time, MerrySun has developed products with different characteristics for the market demand of different regions such as the United Kingdom, the European Union, North America and Southeast Asia. The products have CE/ERP, SAA/C-Tick,ETL/CETL/FCC/ES, PSE certified.


WIFI Dimmer
WIFI Dimmer WIFI Dimmer Merrysun WIFI controllable dimmerPRODUCT DESCRIPTION R03003-200WIFI is a WIFI controllable dimmer switch. It's a trailing-edge dimmer f...
RF Dimmer
RF Dimmer RF Dimmer PRODUCT DESCRIPTION R03003-200RF is an China RF radio controllable. It's a trailing-edge dimmer for the operation of incandescent lamps, ...
RF Switch
RF Switch RF Switch Smart Kinetic RF Dimmer Switch Push button style Switch + dimming No wiring required No battery required Merrysun RF enabled dimmer switc...
 Touch Dimmer
Touch Dimmer Touch Dimmer Touch led light Dimmer wholesalePRODUCT DESCRIPTION Touch Dimmer Input Power: 100-240V/ AC 50-60Hz Dimming method: Trailing edge phase...
LED Panel MS-LEDP18500
LED Panel MS-LEDP18500 LED Panel MS-LEDP18500 This shape has 4 different size Regular color temperature or RGB or with cold and warm light adjustment Smart LED Panel manu...