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Zhejiang Cheng hong machinery co., LTD is a professional engaged in PE, HDPE, PPR thermoplastic piping engineering machinery manufacturers, with advanced technology, practical function, the product through the CE certification, by country, customers at home and abroad.Within the scope of zhejiang province is the largest of the welding.

Customer group: waterworks, polyethylene pipeline welding, gas pipeline installation company, hardware mechanical and electrical engineering, pipeline construction unit, hardware tools wholesale.

It is mainly used in PE and PP mine extraction pipelines, pipeline companies, gas companies, water companies, construction units, chemical transportation and cable laying. Suitable for butt welding of PE, HDPE, PPR, PVDF thermoplastic pipes.

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    PPR Sockets welding machines
    PPR Sockets welding machines Voltage: 220 v The heating plate best temperature: 240 ℃, the highest temperature: 270 ℃ Packing size: 76*55*58cm³ Warranty period: 1 yea...