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Leyuan Group Co., Ltd, focus on the design of magnetic application. We developed Magnetic Filteration / Separation, Magnetic Coupling and other magnet assemblies to meet the increasing market demand. We are pleased to utilize our experience to assist our customers to realize their design purpose and optimize solution.We are not only a product provider, but also a realizer of your ideas.


Pot Magnets Threaded
Pot Magnets Threaded These pot magnets with threaded stud have a metric internal thread and can be fastened with objects with an external thread. We can also provide th...
Pot Magnets With Bore
Pot Magnets With Bore These neodymium pot magnets with countersunk holes have only one surface that has strong magnetism; the other surface of the neodymium pot magnets ...
Pot Magnets With Hook
Pot Magnets With Hook Pot Magnets with Hook – High-power, super-strong Neodymium clamping magnets with removable hooks are ideal for holding portable lighting to s...
Pot Magnets Without Bore
Pot Magnets Without Bore Coating one surface of the magnet with an iron sheet means that the magnetism of the coated surface is shielded and the magnetic lines are guided t...
Samarium Cobalt
Samarium Cobalt As one of the samarium cobalt magnet suppliers, Leyuan would like to introduce you Samarium Cobalt Magnets which come in energy products from 16MGO...