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is located in equipment manufacturing base in Shijiazhuang. Since founded in 2003, has been devoting itself to the development and manufacture of diamond tools. The product range covers , grinding wheels, grinding shoes, polishing pads, core drill bits etc. Osprey Tools has a sales network covering 30 provinces in China, and exports to North America, Europe, Oceania and other regions. Besides its own brand, Osprey Tools cooperates with many customers in OEM or OEM business. After years of fast development, Osprey Tools is now one of the leading , and it has won a good reputation with high quality products and strict quality control.

Osprey Tools covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with professional R&D, QC, Production, and Sales team etc, total employees over 150. The workshop has reliable automatic and semiautomatic production and testing facilities, including sintering line, brazing line, laser welding line, hardness analyzer, density analyzer, balance tester, testing field etc.

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General Diamond Saw Blade
General Diamond Saw Blade Segmented Sintered Item Nr. Diameter(mm) Arbor(mm) 1RGR105 105 8/10 20/22.23/25.4 1RGR110 110 8/10 20/22...
Sintering Saw Blade
Sintering Saw Blade The problem with the saw blade around each dealer, wholesaler, and the user is – Is the sintered saw blade interchangeable? What is ? This n...
Sintered Diamond Saw Blades
Sintered Diamond Saw Blades The wholly sintered diamond blade involves the process of merely putting the steel core, together with the diamonds and the metal bond materials, ...
Laser Welding Saw Blade
Laser Welding Saw Blade The diamond impregnated segments and the steel core were laser welded in a horizontal arrangement to achieve very high bond strength between them....
Osprey Laser Welded Blade
Osprey Laser Welded Blade The main advantages and benefits of over other welding methods are: The depth and width of the weld area is large. The weld is extremely accurate,...
Laser Welded Diamond Blade
Laser Welded Diamond Blade There are three methods to weld and braze diamond segments onto the saw blade: silver brazed diamond blade, wholly and More information about , p...