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Founded in 1997, after 20 years of development, we have become the largest exporter of wedge wirescreenin China.
– Slottle screen
–Wedge wire filter
–Water & Oil well screen
–Wedge Wire Intake Screen
–Ballast Water Filter Element
–Wedge Wire Rotary Screen
–False bottom screen
–Wedge Resin Trap Screen
–Sugar Mill Screen
–Sieve Bend Screen
–Lateral Assemblies
–Filter Nozzle
We have nine production lines, a professional technical team, an independent quality inspection system, and a perfect after-sales service team, which can provide customized processing services for global customers.


Manure Separator
Manure Separator Slope Screen Manure Separator for Manure Treatment Slope Screen Manure Separator adopts stainless steel material. It is suitable for cows, pigs, c...
Фильтр бурильной колонны
Фильтр бурильной колонны Фильтр бурильной колонны широко известен как стержневой фильтр. Фильтр бурильной колонны, используемый для фильтрации бурового раствора и защиты п...