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Sichuan EW Textile Co.,Ltd.which in the start point of famous south silk road--Nanchong city which gained its new title of "China Silk City".Division 2 is specializing in production and sales of silk fabrics,silk home textiles,silk fashions,etc silk ready made ups. Our company owns 500 sets of professional weaving looms, 48 sets of wide width rapier looms (which are installed with electronical computerized jacquard heads, and such intallment gurantee the good quality and workability of various jacquard fabrics with width of up to 310cm).And as active and useful finishing unit, we set up our boilling off and dyeing workshop for broad silk fabrics.Our monthly output is 100000M.Furthermore, we are major in the production of pure silk bedding,silk scarves,silk accessories. Thanks to the export history of over 15 years, we gained enough experience and market share in EU, USA and southeast Asia countries,etc. This also bring high reputation for our company in the silk manufacturing and export field. So our company becomes one of the most famous silk manufacturing enterprises in China.   The characters of our pure silk and silk cotton products show high class and elegant charms of silk thoroughly and reveal the freedom of moden life and independent living style.Its soft feeling is full of appetency.Our professional and advanced cutting and stitching way combine style,fabric texture,color together perfectly to work out luxurious,fashionable,supereme silk products. Our company locates in the famous production base of silk fabrics and silk products. Please contact us for further info. Meanwhile we recommend the following products to you for your selection:pure silk bedding,pure silk curtains,pure silk fabrics,pure broad silk fabrics,silk/poly fabrics,pure silk scarves,pure silk ties,pure silk garments,pure cotton products,silk quilts,silk accessories.


丝绸床上用品 (网址:)丝绸面料原料是纯天然的蛋白质,具有手感柔软,温暖性好的特点,适合与人皮肤的长期接触 ,所以它是做高档家纺产品的首选面料。对于床上用品的洗涤方式,推荐采用干洗,部份可以机洗,但机洗后必须使用蒸汽熨斗进行整理。
丝绸围巾 丝绸围巾是我们一个传统类的产品,我们能提供从白色方巾,古塔方巾,人工手绘方巾,人工泼染方巾,人工手绘过渡色方巾,机器印花方巾,机器绣花方巾,丝绒烂花方巾,人丝双面缎烂花方巾,人丝乔其烂花方巾等许多类型。
丝绸床上用品4件套 (网址:)丝绸面料原料是纯天然的蛋白质,具有手感柔软,温暖性好的特点,适合与人皮肤的长期接触 ,所以它是做高档家纺产品的首选面料。对于床上用品的洗涤方式,推荐采用干洗,部份可以机洗,但机洗后必须使用蒸汽熨斗进行整理。
丝绸床上用品套间 (网址:)丝绸面料原料是纯天然的蛋白质,具有手感柔软,温暖性好的特点,适合与人皮肤的长期接触 ,所以它是做高档家纺产品的首选面料。对于床上用品的洗涤方式,推荐采用干洗,部份可以机洗,但机洗后必须使用蒸汽熨斗进行整理。
丝绸围巾系列 丝绸围巾是我们一个传统类的产品,我们能提供从白色方巾,古塔方巾,人工手绘方巾,人工泼染方巾,人工手绘过渡色方巾,机器印花方巾,机器绣花方巾,丝绒烂花方巾,人丝双面缎烂花方巾,人丝乔其烂花方巾等许多类型 。
丝绸服装 丝绸服装(网址:)