Falcons International Limited


Falcons International Limited



Falcons International is part of Mobshah Group of Companies. Mobshah has been in business since 2002. Dr. Shahzad L. Paul is the President/CEO of Mobshah Group. Falcons International has two Divisions; Defense/Police Division: Exports Defense and Police related fabrics. These fabrics are made to customer specifications and also factory over-runs, seconds and close-outs. Commercial Division: Exports fabrics related to many industries for commercial purposes. Mostly, these fabrics are factory over-runs, seconds and close-outs however, at times fabrics are sourced as per customer specifications. Please visit specific Division web pages to familiarize yourself of export lines. We have many very satisfied customers all over the world and we would love to add you to this list.


汽車內飾面料 自動unlaminated絲絨和乙烯基裝飾面料。
家具裝飾布 在天鵝絨和乙烯基家具裝飾面料。
海洋裝飾布 海洋裝飾布。
帳篷的材料 帳篷材料的聚氯乙烯。
遮光窗簾材料 遮光窗簾材料。 用於家庭,賓館,醫院,辦公室和咖啡廳。 絕緣和阻燃性。
床墊布 床墊布。
Table Cloth & Napkins
Table Cloth & Napkins Table cloth & napkins.
Canopies Fabric
Canopies Fabric Canopies Fabric.
Awnings Fabric
Awnings Fabric Awnings Fabric.
Outdoor Furniture Fabric
Outdoor Furniture Fabric Outdoor furniture fabric.
Parachute Fabric
Parachute Fabric Parachute fabric.
Nylon Mesh Fabric
Nylon Mesh Fabric Mesh fabric of all kinds in different colors.
Gabardine Fabric
Gabardine Fabric Gabardine fabric for uniforms.
Book Cover Cloth
Book Cover Cloth Book cover cloth.
Wall Paper Covering
Wall Paper Covering Wall paper covering.
Army Uniform Fabric
Army Uniform Fabric Army uniform fabric.
Air Force Uniform Fabric
Air Force Uniform Fabric Air force uniform fabric.
Police Uniform Fabric
Police Uniform Fabric Police uniform fabric.
Navy Uniform Fabric
Navy Uniform Fabric Navy uniform fabric.
Defense Sleeping Bag Fabric
Defense Sleeping Bag Fabric Defense sleeping bag fabric.
Defense Jackets
Defense Jackets Jackets for all forces.
Wall Paper Covering
Wall Paper Covering PVCTextile-BackedWall Coverings Assorted designs, styles and colorsRolls, 14" / 36 cm Width20ft container = 35-40, 000 lbs, 17, 000 kgs+ Falco...
Webbing Mix
Webbing Mix Mix Webbing.Seat Belt Webbing and strap webbing etc.Contact for our current stock. Mix Webbing Webbing Mix: Car Seat, Commercial & Military C...
Nomex and other blends of Fire Retardant Fabric
Nomex and other blends of Fire Retardant Fabric Nomex and other blends of Fire Retardant Fabric from USA. Nomex and other blends of Fire Retardant Fabric from USA in any color required for fire ...
Aramid Fabric
Aramid Fabric Aramid kevlar fabric. Aramid Kevlar fabric. Bullet resistant, lightweight and high-performance polyethylene UD (non-woven) fabric. Contact for pr...