The sewage treatment control system

The control system divided 3 layers structures: The first layer is on-site operation. The second layer is supervisory computer monitoring control software. The third layer is supervisory computer off-line & PLC running automatically.

On-site operation is convenient for device debugging & maintenance. If the equipment switch to manual operation, the equipment will not controlled by PLC, it only operated from on-site.

Supervior computer monitoring control is good for contol central center operation.for each equipment, it can out of PLC control and only operated by central control room.

PLC running automatically can control all equipment automatically. It controlled all waste-treatment process. It can work automatic even if PLC & supervisor computer out of communication.

The hardware from Siemens S7-300 PLC, inverter, soft-starter. Software from GM. Busline combinated Profibus-DP & Profibus-FMS. It not only transfer the data speed but also data consistency.Inverter & soft-starter work combinated to run the waste water disposal pump,water-level tracking, keep water-level same as setting value.

Supervisor computer room will complete the mission of operator & engineer.Operated by chief operator, operator in the daily time. Operator can operate after authorized. Engineer can open & operate respective function, other people cannot this layer for operation.Operator use muti-screen display,such as eight-screen display.It can choose any screen for controlling.Auto-screening available, screening time can be adjusted.Prepared a Remote monitoring station in Contol centre, communicate with central control room in sewage plant. Station use muti-screen display,such as four-screen display.It can choose any screen for controlling.Auto-screening available, screening time can be adjusted.

Most of user interface are planar graph, some of are section graph & relative function (manual or auto, working status setting, time setting, parameter setting, upper & bottom limitation, alarm etc). The alarming information, auto-running whether can meet sheme, will have popup & voice guide.

Running status tablet showing equipment ON/OFF, bump voltage/current, instrument parameter, total value (electricity, water, mud, gas),Operation parameter (unit electricity consumption, unit gas consumption, all electricty consumption). Interface including waster-water treatment automatic control system graph, waste-water processing graph, waste-water plant graph, inflow pretreatment section, pump working graph, hydrolytic tank,Sludge treatment operation graph, SBR pond, blowing machine running graph, converting station, dehydration room,well house running graph.ect.


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