Terracotta Tile

LOPO Terracotta Façade Panel with flat surface is the most classic panel product of LOPO China.

The texture of this series is fine and smooth due to the great clay material of south China. Under high-temperature (above 1200) firing,

the clay material are turning to be a very natural texture.

lopo Terracotta Facade Panel,

eco Green Materials, Natural Clay,

size for Choice:

length: 200mm --- 1800mm,

width: 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm,

thickness: 16mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 30mm, Etc,

quality: Astm/gb/iso9001/cqc/ma/kcl,

standard Export Packing, Crate,

customized Texture Shape Or Color are Welcome!

the Beauty and Longevity of Real Terracotta is The Perfect Construction Accompaniment to The Natural Environment.

available in Choice of Natural Clay Colors, our Terracotta Facade Products will Add a Creative and Individual Finish to your Project.

designed in Consultation with our Talented Engineers, its Light Weight System is Simple to Install. Its Combination of Natural,

Durable Properties and The System's Modern Appeal, Make it An Ideal Choice for any Architectural and Residential Project.

lopo Terracotta Facade Panel is Ideal for Existing Structure Redesign Or Continuity of Color and Shape in New Construction.

lopo Terracotta Facade Panel Features & Benefits:

fadeless and Green Material

low Maintenance.

strong and Durable, Easy Fixing Installation.

architectural Appearance, Environmentally-friendly.

fire and Water Resistant, Frozen Resistance.

pest Proof, Anti-corrosion.

retain their Value.

100% Recyclable.

have High Thermal Mass to Help Reduce Artificial Heating and Cooling Costs.

contact Person: Kevin Yang

60 810 759

tel: 00 86 592 608 40 25

608 40 19




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