thermal insulation pipe bracket

Product introduction:

One, heat insulation tube support

Heat insulation tube support is suitable for conveying all kinds of pipes with temperature less than 650℃. The silicate structure is used to separate the pipe rack from the ambient temperature, which greatly reduces the heat loss of the pipe rack and solves the problem that the steam pipe temperature drop in petroleum and chemical enterprises is too large to affect the production.

Heat insulation tube tote point:

1. The thermal conductivity coefficient BAI is low, and the effect of cooling and breaking is good;

(2) Ultra-low temperature (below DU-163 ℃)/high temperature ZHI, stable volume;

3. High compressive and flexural resistance;

4. Low moisture content;

5. Good flame retardant;

6. High-pressure injection molding, with various thickness and layers, to meet the requirements of various cooling temperature;

7. Each component of pipe support shall be assembled into a solid single structure in the manufacturing plant with a long service life;

8. Installation on site is rapid, simple and safe, and there is no need to change the pipeline;

Classification of heat insulation tube supports: fixed tube supports, sliding tube supports, guide tube supports.

Applicable occasions: used for steam pipelines in petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber, steel, power plant, ethylene project, air separation project and other industrial equipment.


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