flexible compensator

Product introduction:

Pipeline compensator can be divided Flexible expansion joint and Bellows expansion joint (see NO.4:).

The Flexible expansion joint are mainly fiber fabric, rubber, high temperature resistant materials, etc., whose main function is to compensate for the vibration of the flue, boiler, fan, and duct operation and pipeline deformation.

Caliber size: any size.

Connection method: welding type, flange type

Features of Flexible expansion joint:

1. Good flexibility, no impact on equipment and system thrust, brings great convenience to equipment pipelines, and also improves the safety of equipment and systems.

2. The absorption displacement per unit length is large, and it can absorb the three-dimensional displacement.

3. Convenient installation, convenient replacement, no need for high technical content, no crane equipment, short replacement time, and it can adapt to permanent misalignment of pipeline equipment caused by foundation settlement after long-term work in pipeline transformation.

4. Strong adaptability, can be made into any shape and any perimeter, such as rectangle, circle, plane, cone and so on.

5. Good shock isolation effect, near zero vibration transmission.

6. Good corrosion resistance, the material itself is made of silicone rubber, which has corrosion resistance and prevents condensation and corrosion on the surface.

7. Flexible expansion joint is resistant to high temperature, the temperature can reach 1000℃.

8. Flexible expansion joint can be sound and heat insulated, and has the characteristics of low bass noise reduction and energy saving.


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