Triple eccentric butterfly valvesves

Product introduction:

Name:All metal / two-way pressure / triple eccentric butterfly valve

Application:Applicable medium, steam, water, flue gas, oil and other corrosive medium environments.

Caliber range:DN 3”-120” Cl. 150

DN 3”-80” Cl. 300

DN 3”-60” Cl. 600

DN 6”-42” Cl. 900

DN 6”-24” valve body Cl. 1500 / Cl. 2500 internal parts

Pressure range:150lb—2500lb

Control method: gearbox and handwheel, gearbox and electric actualtor, pneumatic, electrohydraulic and weight

Product feature description: Conventional triple eccentric butterfly valve, the sealing structure is metal sheet and graphite laminated installation, the graphite layer is easily eroded by fluid, and the service life is short. Our seal pair adopts all-metal forged seal ring, and spray welding or surfacing Stellite alloy or various wear-resistant alloys on the sealing surface. Its advantages are erosion resistance, long life, wear resistance, and It is applied to various harsh working conditions such as ultra-low temperature, high temperature and pressure. Double stem design, low flow resistance, reduce energy consumption.

Features of triple eccentric anti-crystal structure:

1.Dust-proof structure of the upper and lower bearings, spiral groove anti-crystallization structure can be added. After the medium is emptied, the lower valve stem needs to use a fixed shaft structure. The medium in the gap between the lower valve stem and the butterfly plate is used because of the spiral groove gravity. Automatic emptying, no crystallization will cause the valve stem to jam;

2.The valve stem spline has a pinless blow-out prevention structure and a double valve stem structure to solve the problem of inconsistent expansion of the valve stem, the butterfly plate and the valve body caused by thermal expansion;

3.The spline connection structure of the valve stem and the butterfly plate, the force is even, there is no risk of shearing pins and keys, and it is convenient to disassemble and assemble;

4.The constant pressure packing mechanism of the butterfly spring can automatically compensate the packing loss and prevent the medium from leaking;

5.The whole machine can be disassembled and reassembled on site, that is, every part can be repaired and replaced on site, reducing the long-term use cost of the product;

6.The replaceable valve seat and seal ring design will not cause the whole machine to report fees due to seal wear and reduce the use cost;


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Triple eccentric butterfly valvesves
Triple eccentric butterfly valvesves Triple eccentric butterfly valvesves
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