Escalator & Autowalks

SAIL is an professional outdoor escalator manufacturersoffers well designed and manufactured outdoor moving walkwayand escalator for sale. SAIL escalator application of finite element analysis. We provides and installs escalators and autowalks for both private occasion like shopping malls, stores, etc., and public occasion like airports, subway stations, etc..

SAIL escalator applies finite element analysis. Rigidity and anti-twist fulfill advanced international standard. Arch support parts and truss parts are of fixed connection. It effectively prevents from deformation due to encountered force to truss parts.

It is of super-large width escalator support design. New plan efficiently relieves the overall truss bearing. Two angles are available for the clients' selection. 35escalator saves space. 30"escalator supplies the better and comfortable travel. The autowalks is applicable for large passenger flow areas such as shopping center, supermarket, subway, airport etc.

SAIL escalator SAIL Escalator & Autowalks:Safety supreme & precaution measures

The autowalks applies triple safety protection device. It positively protects traction machine, stairway dual monitor points. It finds out reversal travel as soon as possible. Attached brake adds friction device without emergency stop of escalator. Brake disc has positioning shift while attached brake acts. This kind of outdoor moving walkway stops slowly to prevent from stall accident. It thus ensures the passengers' travel safety. Anti-skip device has anti-skip groove. If step skips accidentally, the autowalks will make quick response to promptly brake the escalator.

SAIL Auto walkSAIL Auto walk series apply the advanced intellectual technology. It ensures the stable elevator travel. Various human-centered design guarantees that elevator travels steadily forward. This design of autowalks shows sweet caring from SAIL everywhere such as various human-centered design, large width tread, round handrail, eye-catching strip lights etc. The outdoor moving walkway is applicable for large passenger flow areas such as shopping center, supermarket, subway , airport etc.

Effective parallel axle helical gear decelerator

Helical gear transmission has advantages such as large contact ratio, long line of contact etc. Drive efficiency enhances 15% than that of traditional worm drive.

Automatic lubricating system of SAIL Autowalks

According to functional test control, it applies automatic lubricating system to ensure motives transfer between various parts. SAIL Autowalks would offer stable travel speed. Meanwhile, it effectively prolongs the service life.

As the outdoor escalator manufacturers, we provide three types walkway escalator, escalator outdoorand indoor escalatorfor you choose.welcome to buy.

SAIL Intelligent Elevator (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. is a Chinese -foreign cooperative enterprise whose business integrates development, production, manufacture, installation and maintenance service. The company is located in Badu economic development zone, Wujiang District, an important industry park in Suzhou. There are so many elevator producers nearby, so the strong industry atmosphere contains abundant treasure of the elevator industry. With the spirit of good faith, good quality and good gumption, Sail Elevator has been the giant of Chinese passenger elevator factory. We are on the way to become the top 5 of Lift manufacturers in the world.


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