Commercial Carpets

Categories of Commercial Carpets

Nylon carpet is a new type of carpet use nylon as raw material and processed by a machine. Nylon printed carpet is outstanding in aesthetic, decorative, wear-resistance, and quick resilience after compression. Its high quality is especially reflected in how it can maintain the fibers' original appearance for a long time. Meanwhile, it has excellent anti-fouling and dust-proof performance. Besides, the material maximizes the service life and maintains a unique presence as possible. Nylon printed carpet is popular with customers because it satisfies the designer's fertile imagination.

Size Of Commercial Carpets

Commercial carpet size is 66 *94 inches, 78 *78 inches, 78 *118 inches, 98 *137 inches, etc., while Jietai carpet can provide customized services according to customers' individual requirements size and shape.

Commercial carpet, as a practical and artistic decoration handicraft, has become an indispensable part of modern industrial building decoration. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for commercial carpets will be increasing. Yiwu Jietai Rug Co., Ltd., Which relies on stable quality, reasonable price, and the perfect after-sales system, has won the trust of global customers. Jietai rug specializes in supplying various types of commercial carpets. At the same time, it can also provide customized services according to customers' requirements of size, thickness, pattern, and shape.

Sincerely to serve each customer is our core thought.

Wool blended carpet is a carpet made of pure wool fibers and synthetic fibers such as nylon and acrylic fibers. The wear resistance of the blended carpet is five times higher than that of the pure wool carpet. At the same time, it overcomes the shortcomings of the synthetic fiber carpet, such as electrostatic. It is easy to absorb dust and corrosion of the pure wool carpet with the advantages of heat preservation, wear resistance, mothproof and high strength, Elasticity. Moreover, it feels better when to stand on than synthetic fiber carpet. Its price is moderate, which is suitable for use in the economic decoration of residential. So it is favored by many consumers.

Construction Of Commercial Carpets

The first layer is the surface layer: the surface layer usually made of natural fibers and artificial fibers, which is loose, soft, and durable. The second layer is the supporting layer: the supporting layer is usually woven by threads to support and improve the carpet's stability and durability. The surface yarn intertwined with this layer of material.

The third layer is the second supporting layer: the second supporting layer, which adheres to the

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