Polyester Floor Mats

Polyester carpet, also known as PET polyester carpet, is a kind of carpet woven by polyester yarn. Polyester yarn is a kind of synthetic fibre, which is a kind of artificial fibre which is often processed by a variety of materials and special processes. It has high softness and rich color levels. Polyester carpet has high fading resistance, it can be dyed naturally, elasticity is general, relatively wear-resistant, so it is often used in various commercial buildings, offices, factories and families.

Function of Polyester Floor Mats

01 High Strength

The strength of polyester fiber is nearly twice as high as that of cotton and three times higher than that of wool. Therefore, polyester carpet has higher strength and heat resistance. Polyester carpet is not easy to deform when used, and is durable, heat-resistant and wear-resistant.

02 Smooth Surface

The surface of polyester carpet is smooth, and its light resistance is better. Except for acrylic fiber, its sunshine resistance is better than that of natural fiber fabric. Especially in the back of the glass, the sun resistance is very good.

03 Wrinkle Resistance

The elasticity of polyester carpet is similar to that of wool carpet. Its wrinkle resistance is better than that of other fibers. The carpet is wrinkle-free and has good shape retention.

04 Chemical Resistance

Polyester carpet is resistant to corrosion of various chemicals, acid and alkali. Polyester carpet is also not afraid of mould and moth.

05 Easy To Clean

Polyester carpet is easy to clean

Maintenance of Polyester Floor Mats

Yiwu Jietai Rug Co., Ltd. is a professional carpet enterprise specializing in carpet research and development, production and sales. Over the past decade, our company has continuously improved product quality, innovative research and development of new products. We sincerely hope that our customers will cooperate with us for a long time. We will continue to innovate and create better products for our customers.

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