Quartz Vanity Top

Key Specifications / Features

Product name:

Model number: HMI-GC003

Other sizes
Top for kitchen, Bathroom, Table andand various counter decorations
Available Color:Green, Grey, Yellow, Beige, Brown, Red, Black, etc.
Available Finish:Polished (above 90 polish degree, mirror shining surfaces)
Popular material:
Pure white quartz, white quartz with veins, etc.
For Vanity Tops: 25 Inch X 19 Inch/22 Inch,31 Inch X 19 Inch/22 Inch, 24 Inch X 36 Inch, 26 Inch X 36 Inch, 22 Inch X 34 Inch, 37 Inch X 19 Inch/22 Inch, 49 Inch X 19 Inch/22 Inch, 61 Inch X 19 Inch/22 Inch, etc.(single or double sinks)
For Kitchen & Counter top:
28 Inch X 96 Inch,96 Inch X 26 Inch, 96 Inch X 25-1/2 Inch, 78 Inch X 25-1/2 Inch, 78 Inch X 26 Inch, 72 Inch X 26 Inch, 36 Inch X 78 Inch, 108 Inch X 25.5 Inch, 108 Inch X 26 Inch, 108 Inch X 28 Inch, etc.
For Countertop Peninsula:
36 Inch X 78 Inch, 39 Inch X 78 Inch, 28 Inch X 78 Inch, etc.
For Countertop Snack Bar:
12 Inch X 78 Inch, 15 Inch X 78 Inch, 98 Inch X 18 Inch, 108 Inch X 18 Inch, etc.
ForBasin and Sink:
420 X 150mm, 440 X 150mm, 430 X 160mm, 180 X 115mm, etc.
3/4 Inch or 1.5 Inch or others can be available to meet you requirements
Splashes & Aprons are available
We are able to cut the quartz vanity top as per clients' size request.
Flat Edges (Straight Edge), Bevel, Radius, Ogee, Full bullnose, Laminated bullnose, Half bull
Tops padded with carton bo X and packed in fumigated wooden crates, reinforced with plastic straps outside.
Carton packing per set of vanity top including: 1pc 4 backsplash and 1pc side-splash & under-mount sink hardware.

Quality Assurance
During the whole production process, from material choosing, fabrication to package,our quality assurance people will strictly control each single and every process to ensure quality standards and punctual delivery.

Our Advantages
  • We own a factory in Shuitou.
  • We offer free samples.
  • We provide various designs and edgesfor your selection.
  • We offer Good price and quality, prompt reply and shipment
  • We have over10yearsexperienceinnaturalstonebusiness.
  • Our vanity tops have been exported toAmericanandEuropean markets.


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