Antibacterial Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum composite panel decorative material is easy to attach to the surface of coating because of moisture and oil content from air, bacteria from environment, such as coliform, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella and enteritis bacterium, their fecundity is so strong that has an influence on environment and cleanliness, especially it is bad for somewhere that has high requirement for cleaning, like dust free room, laboratory, hospital, and pharmaceutical factory.

What is an antibacterial aluminum composite panel

The antibacterial aluminum composite panel is painting internationally advanced coating with the ability to resist bacteria and killing bacterial to the aluminum composite panel so that it can control breed of microorganism and sterilizing.

Experiments have shown that put 290 thousand coliform or Staphylococcus aureus to the coating of aluminum composite panel indoors with 35℃ for 24 hours, 290 thousand bacterial will minus below 5000( keep sterilizing). Therefore, after it is tested by Chinese antibacterial standard for building material JC/T897-2002, its capacity for resisting bacterial can up to 98 percent. Its bactericidal ability can be saved forever with the coating, it greatly improves the cleanliness of many places. This aluminum composite panel just kills bacterial without any harm to human bodies.

The applied range of Antibacterial Aluminum Composite Panel

Reception room, operating room and inpatient ward in a hospital; pharmaceutical factory; bakery and confectionery; biological chemical plant; laboratory; entertainment venues; metro; kitchen; bathroom; internet bar; office building; highway interchange; overpass and so on. 

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