Aluminum Composite Panel

The aluminum-plastic composite panel is a composite material that is processed on a special aluminum-plastic panel production equipment and belongs to a new type of building decoration material.

The unique properties of aluminum-plastic composite panels determine its wide range of uses: it can be used for building exteriors, curtain wall panels, old building renovations, interior wall and ceiling trim, advertising signs, display stands, purification and dust removal prevention.

has the following advantages:

The aluminum-plastic composite panel has the characteristics of light weight, good rigidity, shock absorption and sound insulation, and the decorative effect is good.

The surface can be reworked, such as anti-corrosion, embossing, painting and printing, which is comparable to aluminum. And the cost is much lower.

Those who support this view believe that the technology has matured over the years after the development of aluminum-plastic composite panels. Before leaving the factory, the material is usually subjected to corrosion resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance, folding resistance, pressure resistance and the like. Safe and reliable.

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Eco-Friendly Aluminum Composite Panel


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