Have a rough idea of the application of pipe nipples in water & plumbing industries

Water is the source of life. Wherever there is water on earth, there is life. Water in the human body accounts for about 65% of body weight. Without water, nutrients in food cannot be absorbed, waste cannot be excreted, and drugs cannot reach the site of action. Once the human body lacks water, the consequences are very serious. People lack water between 1% and 2% and feel thirsty; people with water shortage of 5% feel dry mouth, wrinkled skin, unconsciousness, and even hallucinations; people with 15% water shortage often suffer from hunger. However, the distribution of water resources on the earth is uneven. Not only different countries, but even the north and south water resources of the same country are not balanced, so the transportation of water resources is extremely important.

Pipeline transportation is an indispensable part of water resources transportation. Pipelines are widely used, and the types of pipe fittings used are also wide. For example, copper pipes have the advantages of corrosion resistance, sterilization, etc., they are first-class products in water pipes, and their installation risks are low. They are suitable for various installation environments and are very safe to use. Stainless steel pipes are also the new favourite of pipes. It is not only safe, hygienic, healthy, and durable, but also eliminates the problem of plastic pipe pollution.

Our company specializes in the production and supply of pipe nipples, such as seamless pipe nipples, stainless steel pipe nipples, etc. The pipe nipples produced by our company are of high quality, reliable sealing performance, convenient loading and unloading, and are widely used in pipeline transportation of water resources. We have many years of experience in producing pipe nipples, and according to the development of time and technology, the nipples produced have been well received by customers. At the same time, we will also meet the different needs of various customers.

SANVO Pipes & Fittingsis a professional pipe fittings manufactureand plumbing fittings companyin northern China. We provide nipple fitting plumbing, plumbing fittings for sale, plumbing pipe nippleetc. Want to know more? Contact us.


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