is anoptimal pipe, can be extensively utilized inminingpipe(ore powder, pule,,tailings release pipes) metallurgypipe, electricitypipe, petroleumpipe, textilepipe, papermakingpipe, foodpipe, chemicalpipe, mechanicalpipe, electricalpipeas well as other sectors.

Characteristics of

Abrasion resistance--have superb abrasion resistance offering lengthy life in rough slurry applications.

Chemical resistance-- outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemical reagents allows the use of UHMWPE systems intailings pipesas well as chemical therapy applications utilized in mining operations.

Flexibility--can be bent to a minimum of 30 times the pipeline's outside diameter for HDPE. This adaptability and also resiliency enables the pipe to soak upsurge pressures, vibration, and anxieties caused by soil activity. This makes the pipes specifically helpful in submarinepipelines, mine decrease and also earthquake vulnerable areas.

High circulation capability-- low rubbing compared with products such as fibre reinforced concrete as well as resistance to the material down payment buildup giveUHMWPE pipeslong-lived high circulation capability.


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