hydraulic hose protection firesleeve

BSTFLEX hydraulic hose protection fire sleeving is perfect for protecting hydraulic hoses, pneumatic lines, electrical cables, control wiring, welding cables, electric arc furnace cables, etc., from high-temperatures, heat, flame, pyro exposure, molten metal splash, slag, welding splatter, grinding, electrical sparks and environmental contaminations.  
Used as an industrial firesleeve, marine firesleeve, aviation firesleeve and hydraulic firesleeve on a variety of machines, engines and hydraulic equipment.  Firesleeve is sometimes called other names in various uses; such as firejacket or fire-sleeve.
The use of premium quality fiberglass sleeve and the purest silicone rubber in our products results in a firesleeve that is both non-flammable and is self-extinguishing.   Our firesleeve 100% made in our own factory, ensuring total quality control during the entire manufacturing process.
The hydraulic hose protection fire sleeving can be used as a firejacket or as a fire sleeve to protect all classes of hoses, wires  and cables in any usage; such as marine firesleeve, industrial firesleeve and aviation firesleeve.Industrial grade firesleeve is fabricated by coating a E-type fiberglass sleeve with high-temperature silicone rubber.  Our marine / aviation / aerospace firesleeve is made with an extra thick coating of high-temperature silicone rubber over a dense E-type fiberglass sleeve.

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Industry Fire sleeve
Economic Fire Sleeve
Knitted Fire Sleeve
Silicone Treated Fire Sleeve
AS1072 Grade Aerostyle Fire Sleeve
EAF cable cover
Fire sleeve with velcro
Firesleeve With Hook-and-Loop Fastener
Firesleeve With Zipper Closure


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