Custom Sewn Removable Blankets

Pipe Heat Resistant Thermal Blanket is used to insulate engine parts, exhaust piping and components, and industrial process piping and machinery. In particular, applications which use diesel engines, such as power generation, off highway & on-highway vehicles, and marine often require insulation blankets to manage the heat that these engines generate.

Pipe Heat Resistant Thermal Blanket can be supplied in large or small quantities, in almost any size, with various closure systems and different materials.
Custom made blankets for exhaust manifolds and turbos on heavy diesel engines
Industrial Valve Insulation Blankets to protect people and equipment from heat and molten metal splash.
Welding spatter and grinding swarf protection covers, on mobile equipment, rail grinders and construction applications.


至: 宁国市帕克车辆配件有限公司
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