self fusing silicone tape rescue repair tape

Silicone rubber self fusing tape is the Original self-fusing silicone insulating & repair wrap.

Hose repairs Silicone Rescue rubber tape is extruded of 100% high performance silicone elastomer. Ingredients in the silicone cause it to permanently bond to itself when stretched and over-wrapped to itself.
Silicone Self Fusing Insulating Tape
• self-fusing, has no residue, never gets gummy or sticky like electrical or duct tape
• Has great tensile strength of >4.9Mpa (700psi), minimum elongation is >200%
• Withstands temperature up to 260℃ (500℉), remains flexible to -30℃ (-85℉)
• Has electrical strength of >20Mv/m, even under temp of 180℃ (356℉) or in oily
• Creates a permanent air-tight, water-tight seal shortly; Tighter stretch, quicker bond
• Resists fuels, oils, acids, solvents, salt water, road salt, UV rays
• extremely versatile, has an unbelievably long shelf life
• Also named end wrap tape, pyrosil tape, rescue tape, silicon tape, insulation tape.

 Our Self Fusing Silicone Tape is super versatile and application seems infinite due to people's wisdom never ends growing.

• Typically used as firesleeve free ends seal, or secure firetape into position at the ends and intervals.
• Wrap hydraulic fittings and other exposed metal connections to help prevent corrosion.
• Keep it on board vehicles & equipment for emergency hose repair.
• Seal leaky hoses, pipes, tubing, lines, & fittings.
• Neaten up lines and extension cords in stowage.
• Wrap tools and handles for a great non-slip grip.
• Wrap wiring harnesses and custom split-looming.
• Waterproof electrical connections and terminals.
• Works even over wet, dirty, or oily surfaces.
• And much much more, wrap to anything you want to secure, no residue at all


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