Topless Tower Crane TCP5210



Topless or s are typified by the lack of a “tip” or the traditional “crane head.” This configuration allows an extensive maneuvering with an overlap of crane arms, flexibility in planning and positioning as well as optimized operation in a site with many cranes. In fact, the topless Crane allows a minimal height difference of approximately 5 meters between the crane’s hook and its top and shortening its arms to 20 meters. When working with cranes in overlap in a working environment, this is a crucial advantage, allowing concentration of as many cranes as possible in the required area, maximizing the efficiency and reaching the optimal product.

Flat Top Tower Crane, its biggest characteristic is ithas no tower top, which strengthens the structural strength of big arm and balance arm. We can supply 5T, 6T, 8T, .

The advantages of are following:

they make perfect sense if a range of tower cranes work simultaneously in a confined space on large construction sites, if used in the immediate vicinity of airports or in extreme situations such as in industrial halls. Without the “tops” of conventional tower cranes, several meters of assembly height can be saved and therefore tower cranes can, in general, be stacked lower.

The benefit for the user: fewer tower segments, smaller tower systems or, alternatively, no special tower combinations and therefore lower investment costs.


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