Zoomlion Truck Crane Qy25v531.5

Main parameters:

Fully extended boom: 38.7M

Fully extended boom+jib: 46.58M

Engine: Weichai Europe IV,199kw


Advantagesof Zoomlion Truck Crane Qy25v531.5

Zoomlion QY25V531 weight optimized and distortion-resistant design of low-alloy and high-strength steel providing the MAX.

Zoomlion qy25v lifting height with jib up to 46.5m.Crane zoomlion have higher operation and working speed.

The moment limiter equipped with color LCD realizes intelligent trouble diagnostic, and its precision leads in the same-class products in the industry.The ergonomic design cabs for the operator is spacious enough for flexible and convenient operations.


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