C purlin machine 3

C purlin machine

Fast changeable C purlin machine will have a lubricating system, the machine is running, automatically all bearer bearings, gears and other parts of kinematic rail lubrication Automatic C-shaped steel machine can be installed separately, but the need to manually install billet , unloading blanks can also configure automatic loading and unloading aircraft billet robot with extruder, Ceva machine, send blank machine and conveyor lines and other components Salvatore blank tile production lines, all without manual operation.
Adjusting the Fast changeable C purlin machine includes C-shaped steel base, of the arms, head, upper die and lower die, the die under the pressure of the drive power unit,said power means includes hydraulic pump, a motor driven hydraulic pump , the hydraulic pump driven by said hydraulic cylinder, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is fixedly connected with said upper die, said hydraulic pipeline also has a relief valve and a manual valve, the hydraulic cylinder without rod chamber inlet pipe of filling valve is also installed the utility model to replace ordinary hydraulic mechanical transmission tile press, adjust Fast changeable C purlin machine in the production process the user can according to production needs, self-adjusting hydraulic pressure produced tiles and common tile press to produce the products compared, even by force, forming high density, high strength, not easily broken.




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c purlin machine
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