Light tower


Product Description
Product Name Light Tower
Model ZM-400A
Generating Set HONDA Gasoline/ Kipor Diesel Optional
Rated Power 2.0kw
Rated Voltage 220V
Continuous Work 13hr
Fuel tank capacity 15L/12.5L
Power × lamp 400W×2
Lamp Frame 4 sections elevating
Elevating Height 1800-4800mm
Anti-slope <10 degree
Anti-wind <6
Walk Type Hang push type
Package size Main machine 1300×900×950mm
Stanchion 1750×500×500mm
lamp 440×440×480mm×2
Net Weight 165kg
Product Feature
Adopt metal halide lamp lighting, high brightness, long service life.
Height adjustable, prevent fall institutions, strong ability of anti-wind, safe and stable.
Waterproof switch box ensures the safety in the rainy day.
Manual lifting mechanism ,lifting flexible, any height, lock automatically.
Product Specification/Models
ZM-400A 400B 1000
Used for night lighting in municipal, highway bridges, ports, mines, construction sector and other fields.
within 3 days
Beijing, China
Minimum Order
1 set
plywood case




至: 北京奥申博建筑机械制造有限公司
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