Leather Wall Panel Forming Machine

Machine parameters



Forming time:2 minutes



Pressure:0.8 MPA

Machine Advantage:

This is the third generation (newest generation) leather wall panelforming machine . machine cut from a piece of steel as a whole, stable and solid. Two stations, automatic forming and sealing edge in two minutes , and no need hot melt paper for sealing edge , save cost. the production speed is twice the old generation leather wall panel forming machine.

Machine characteristics

1, the electrical system adopts programmable controller PLC has data input and output devices and safety logic control function,support automatic and manual operation.

2, low-voltage electrical components adopt advanced photoelectric sensor and thermocouple,can precisely control the key parts operation and has high stability.

3, the body using high-precision, high-strength steel alloy frame construction and special welding techniques and materials, rigidity, abrasion resistance to vibration, long life.

4, use pneumatic pressure and heat molding, short cycle times and high productivity.

5, vacuum pump and compressor equipped, PLC insure the cylinder parts runs steady and non impact)

6,air compressor and vacuum pump running at the same time,thermostat heating system can adapt different environmental temperatures.Above factors ensure a high degree of consensus on the molded product accuracy

7, use motor,power,gas integration technology , each program controlled, safe and reliable, high rate of finished products and low waster rate.

8,This machine could various designs of with changing the molds.


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