High Frequency Welded Tube Production Line ERW406





ERW406 H.F. Straight Welded Pipe Production Line

ERW406 high frequency longitudinal welded pipe production line / pipe making machine / tube mill is designed to produce welded pipes of 219mm-406 mm in OD and 6.0mm-16.0mm in wall thickness, as well as corresponding square and rectangular pipe. 
Products:  architectural structure pipes, API pipes, tower footing tubes, automobile beam steel pipe and other products.
Equipment advantages:
√ ZTF forming process save roller up to 60%
√ With direct square forming technology, one set of roller can produce all pipe sizes
√ Electric control and automatic adjustment, high precision,high roller change speed
Basic Technical Information of Welded Pipe Production Line
Product&yield Round Pipe 219mm-406mm                   Thickness: 6.0mm-16.0mm
Square & rectangle tube 170mm×170mm -330mm×330mm   Thickness: 6.0mm-16.0mm
Length 6m-12m                          Length Tolerance: ±3mm
Production Speed 30 m/min
Production capacity 180,000ton/year
Consumption Mill installed capacity 880 kw
Line Area 160m(length) ×16m (width) 
worker 6-8 workers
Raw Material Carbon Steel coil Carbon steel coil  Q235B(ASTM GR·D,σs 230) 
Width 690mm-1280mm                  Thickness: 4.0mm-16.0mm
Coil ID 580-760mm
Coil OD Max 2300mm
Coil Weight 35.0t
Round pipe Cold roll forming process Good roller design
ZTF forming process Save roller up to 60% and realize electric control adjustment 
Square & rectangular pipe General round-to-square process Stable forming process
Round to square with turkshead Good pipe quality, reach same wall thickness with round pipe 
Process of directly forming into square shape One set of roller can produce all pipe sizes & realize electric control and automatic adjustment 
Model Round pipe
Square pipe
Working spead
ERW20 Ф8-Ф20 6x6-15x15 0.3-1.5 120
ERW32 Ф10-Ф32 10x10-25x25 0.5-2.0 120
ERW50 Ф20-Ф50 15x15-40x40 0.8-3.0 120
ERW76 Ф32-Ф76 25x25-60x60 1.2-4.0 120
ERW89 Ф42-Ф89 35x35-70x70 1.5-4.5 110
ERW114 Ф48-Ф114 40x40-90x90 1.5-4.5 65
ERW140 Ф60-Ф140 50x50-110x110 2.0-5.0 60
ERW165 Ф76-Ф165 60x60-130x130 2.0-6.0 50
ERW219 Ф89-Ф219 70x70-170x170 2.0-8.0 50
ERW273 Ф114-Ф273 90x90-210x210 3.0-10.0 45
ERW325 Ф140-Ф325 110x110-250x250 4.0-12.7 40
ERW377 Ф165-Ф377 130x130-280x280 4.0-14.0 35
ERW406 Ф219-Ф406 170x170-330x330 6.0-16.0 30
ERW508 Ф273-Ф508 210x210-400x400 6.0-18.0 25
ERW660 Ф325-Ф660 250x250-500x500 6.0-20.0 20
ERW720 Ф355-Ф720 300x300-600x600 6.0-22.0 20




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